Pre-purchase Survey for Boat Transport

For out of state or long distance buyers

Sometimes the perfect boat isn’t for sale in the same zip code – or even the same state. Dirigo Maritime has helped boaters from across the United States and Canada to purchase vessels in New England for use on the Great Lakes, the Canadian Maritime provinces, on the Gulf Coast and in the Pacific Northwest.

Vessel surveying

Pre-purchase surveys for vessel transport give clients the peace of mind they need to purchase a boat, even sight unseen. Before purchase, you can trust Dirigo Maritime to give an independent, thorough analysis of the boat so there are no surprises when you get you receive your boat. Your detailed pre-purchase survey can be used to assess the appraised value for bank loans and insurance.

Yacht transport

Once you have purchased the boat, Dirigo Maritime can oversee the vessel as it loaded and prepared for transport, ensuring your vessel makes it to you in its condition at the time of sale. Even if a moving company has extensive experience in transporting yachts, all it takes is one inexperienced person to make a mistake while preparing your vessel for transport, and your boat can undergo extensive damage. Let Dirigo Maritime be your eyes on the ground during this critical phase of your yacht transport.

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Chapman School of Seamanship
American Boat & Yacht Council
Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice